The Golf Swing Balance, The Sequence of Motion

The Correct Sequence is the Key for the Golf Swing Balance

For the Golf Swing Balance, the correct golf swing sequence of motion is the Key, and it starts with the proper use of the hands.  It may not seem possible that hand alone will influence the sequence of swing motion so much. But it dose. ( see Natural Motion )

To make the swing sequence training efficient, the SwingPilot uses the Open Dominant Hand Method.

Golf Swing Sequence open hand

Open Hand for the Golf Swing Sequence Drills:

opened hand top sequence

With the Open Dominant Hand training method, the sub-dominant hand (left for right-handed and vice versa) holds the club, bearing most of the club's weight, and the dominant hand is open, holding nothing. But, index finger will be aligned and palm is pressed to the axis of the club.

With it setup, the SwingPilot will instantly make the left side initiate or lead the swing motion in both directions – Backswing and DownSwing.  At the same time, it put the right side in the supporting (guiding) role for the optimal sequence of swing motions. (Reverse the hands in this description if you're a lefty.


  • The backswing motion starts with left shoulder, arm, and hand in order.
  • The weight of body automatically shifts to the right foot with backswing progress to the top of the swing.
  • With relaxed right elbow, it folds by itself with the connection intact. .
    ( see Swing Plane, Swing at the top, Connected Swing )

For downswing;

  • The downswing motion starts with left-hand drops down toward the ball.
  • Spontaneously, weight shifts to the front foot (left foot).
  • With nothing to hold, your right-hand is free of leads to casting or over the top swing.
  • With the thought of Through the Ball, rest will be semi-automatic.

Above are the most important steps toward gaining the correct golf swing sequence of motions, and the rest will fall into place by practicing with the SwingPilot.

SwingPilot will help you to:

  • Keep the dominant hand side of the body relaxed
  • Correctly shift your weight in the direction of the movement
  • Keep the dominant-side elbow properly folded during the backswing
  • Promote better shoulder turn
  • Achieve proper transition at the top of the swing
  • Keep the dominant hand from causing over-the-top swing
  • Get a better Feel for driving the club-head through the impact
  • Keep your balance throughout the swing.