The SwingPilot Makes It Simple and Easy

For your perfect golf swing; Keep Your Golf Swing Simple.

The golf swing is a collection of connected motions and demands perfection.  For that reason, every movement must be executed in exact order in the right way.

The SwingPilot is here to help you.

Neutral Hand

Hand and Club in Neutral Position

With the SwingPilot, your grip will always be at the neutral position and the dominant hand will always be   . . . . .

ClubHand Relationship

Club-Head & Hand Relationship

With the SwingPilot and open dominant hand, you will know exact angle of the club head at any time   . . . . .


Grip Pressure and Pressure Points

The right grip pressure is essential for controlling a golf club. The SwingPilot helps you to define the . . . . .

Always Conected

Always Connected, Distance and Consistency

The power of a golf swing comes from the big muscles of the back transferred through the arms . . . . .

Sequence of Motion

Sequence of Swing Motions

Every movement has sequence and it is no difference in the golf swing. The correct sequence of motion . . . . .

Swing Plane

Swing on Plane

To swing in the right plane is crucial to make the club travel on the ideal path for consistency in . . . . .


Through the Impact

At the impact, the club-head will be traveling at top speed. Because you can't freeze the proper swing   . . . . .


The Release, Speed and Distance

The power in the golf swing is the speed and speed is what you gets you distance. The idea of getting . . . . .

At the top

At the Top; The Transition

At the top of a golf swing, the direction of the swing motion reverses course. It is a critical juncture in . . . . .


Perfect Practice, Perfect Warm-up

Practice is about training yourself into the right habits. If you don't practice correctly, you will be . . . . .


Swing Faults Elimination

The reality of having a lot of the information and instruction available today only tends to confuse and . . . . .