Improve Accuracy At The Impact

Swing Through The Ball, Improve Accuracy

At the impact, the club-head will be traveling at top speed. Because you can't freeze the proper swing through action right at the impact, it is impossible to know the exact position and angle of your grip or the club-head at that instant. So the perfect impact, improve accuracy, depends hugely on your Feel, instinct, and timing.

Improve Accuracy Swing Through

How to Improve Accuracy,  the SwingPilot's Solution

With the Swing Pilot CDH with Open Hand method, your body motion, balance, your grip, and your club-head position at impact are all much easier to assess by the Feel. That information, which you'll learn to "read" intuitively, will give you better control of your golf swing.

Noticeable problems that many golfers share;

  1. Quitting before the club-head reaches the ball (anxious to see a ball in flight).
  2. Hitting at the ball (focusing only on the point of impact).

Other Common Problems

  • Deceleration through the impact
  • Lifting head up
  • Weight on the back foot
  • Hands trail behind the body
  • Short follow-through (arms not extended)

The Difference, What's Missing in Your Swing

One critical difference between the advanced ball striker and most other golfers is that advanced players are able to keep the proper club-head angle a little longer through the impact.

Through impact

Improve Accuracy, Stay Down and Focus, Simple Method by the SwingPilot

With your dominant hand open and your attention on sweeping along the swing path and pushing through the impact, with the open dominant hand correctly oriented, your focus is much wider than just the point of impact. This will help maintain the angle of the open dominant hand (= club-head angle), keep your head down a little longer and accelerate through the impact.

Key Reminder: For consistency and steady improvement, it is extremely important to make a habit of swing through with maintaining the correct dominant hand position.

The SwingPilot will help.