Swing Your Swing

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Swing Your Swing

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Since we are all different, there is no such thing as one perfect golf swing that fits us all.  But there is a golf swing that suits you superbly, – your Perfect Golf Swing. 

With the vast interest and popularity of golf, there are mountains of information and instructions available today. New technologies are continually developed with promising easier, better, and further results to help your golf game.

But in reality, rather than simplifying the golf swing, the overwhelming amount of information and instruction makes golf seem complicated than ever.

Is the golf swing that complicated?

Ball on T Perfect Golf Swing

By itself, the golf ball stays still, and the shaft of the club does not grow or shrink. Therefore, no matter how you swing a golf club, the outcome of hitting the ball, for better or worse, depends on the position and angle of your hands at the impact.

The complications may only be within your mind.

Each golf swing has individuality; we think differently, interpret things differently, and we swing our golf clubs differently.  There is no one perfect golf swing, but you need one perfect golf swing for you.

So, how do you find your golf swing?

Let’s take a look at a golf swing training aid known as SwingPilot, and see how it can help you to build the best-working golf swing.