The Natural Golf Swing Motion

Swing with your Natural Mechanic of Body Motion

What is the Natural Golf Swing?

The Natural Golf Swing is a simple, smooth, effortless, and easy to control golf swing. It is a motion that utilizes the movement of the natural stance that you already equipped with. – the Natural Body Motion.

  • In everyday life, our bodies as systems mostly function in the ways they need to.
  • In most cases, the dominant hand leads the motion while the rest of the body supports and balances.
  • We do this without thinking about it, the incredible ability that we all have—the natural mechanics of body motion.

Your body is a sophisticated instrument that with a definite purpose and the right commands from your brain, it responds correctly.

It works the same in the golf swing – the Natural Golf Swing Motion.

Natural Golf Swing

So what's the underlying problem in developing a natural golf swing?

For a golf swing to work well, it needs to utilize your body a bit differently from the way we typically use it in everyday activity.  Thus, body motion has to adjust to the golf swing stance and motion.

For many novice golfers, this mechanical adjustment creates awkwardness, confusion, and complication.  In which has a significant affect on his or her golf swing improving rate.

Golf Swing Sequence open hand

The SwingPilot and CDH Method Solution

  • The proper role and function of your dominant hand in your golf swing will become clear to you.
  • Not just as a concept, but as second nature in your reflexes and muscle memory.
  • With correct control and purpose, your dominant hand will lead your golf swing into the correct natural body mechanics.
  • In which, it provides you with simple, smooth, balanced, and repeatable swing motion—the Natural Golf Swing.

The SwingPilot is carefully calculated at the developing stage to adapt the natural mechanics of body motion. In the result, it is truly the first swing aid that able to utilizing your natural  motion into your golf swing.