Connected Golf Swing, More Power, More Distance!

The Swing Power, Correct Power Transfer by Connected Golf Swing

The connected golf swing simply means that your arms won’t outpace your body.  It implies your hands should be front of your body at the impact, and not passed or behind a body.  The power of a golf swing comes from the big muscles (the back muscles), and by staying connected, the power will correctly transfer through the arms to the club.— The Swing Power in the golf means distance and consistency, and it is not produced by the arms alone.

Connected Swing Power image

Common Reasons: Broken Golf Swing

  • The elbow on the dominant side is flying out during a backswing.
  • The club being lifted by the dominant hand during a backswing.
  • Hitting at the ball from the top.
  • Active Dominant hand (excessive wrist action)
  • Wanting to hit the ball instead of moving the club head through the ball's position (the impact point).

 Staying Connected: Common Drills

For a properly connected golf swing, learners are often instructed to maintain the triangle created by arms and shoulder line throughout the swing.

Or they are taught with drills:

  • Keeping an object under the armpit.
  • Joining their elbows with a cord.
  • Holding an object between their arms when they swing the club.

These approaches may work for some people. However, for majority awkwardness and dependability issues come with the process.

Stay Connected Golf Swing, The SwingPilot Way - Power and Distance

  • Keep the subdominant-side arm comfortably extended throughout the swing.
  • Keep the forefinger (index finger) or the palm of the open dominant hand perpendicular to your shoulder line throughout the swing. Or, keep that hand in front of your body throughout the swing.
  • Practice your swing with an open dominant hand in a pendulum motion, back and forth, and then close the hand in your regular grip and duplicate the swing.
  • Repeat these steps until the correct swing becomes a habit.
  • With the proper transfer of the power, it will result in distance.

The key: Keep the elbow on your dominant side relaxed all the way to the point of release or impact zone. ( See Golf Grip Pressure )