The CDH Method ( Controlled Dominant Hand )

Hand Action in Golf Swing

In any golf swing, each hand has its own role and task.  Thus, the shape of the swing motion and its effectiveness depend hugely on how you're using your hands. – Hand Action Control

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Golf Swing Problems

The most common cause of problems in a golf swing is incorrect use of the dominant hand. (right if you're right-handed, left if you're left-handed). The dominant hand is the one we habitually use most to do things in everyday life. For that reason, it is quite natural for the dominant hand to become active and try to lead a golf swing.

Unfortunately, an active dominant hand doesn't work well with the golf swing, and it must be properly controlled. This doesn't mean the dominant hand should be eliminated from shaping the swing. Your dominant hand is vital to your swing, and you have to learn to use it correctly. The perfect swing requires both hands working perfectly together. – Hand Action Control

How To Control the Dominant Hand, The SwingPilot Method

To change the habitual behavior of the dominant hand in golf, the CDH Method uses the open dominant hand technique in the training process.  In which the club is held by the sub-dominant hand (left if you're right-handed right if you're left-handed). The CDH Method is the way you use the SwingPilot to learn to swing a golf club correctly and efficiently.

CDH Method Open Hand

The SwingPilot securely positions the open dominant hand on the grip of the club, which lets you swing without worrying about separating your hands. By keeping your dominant hand open as you swing, you will be able to clearly feel and recognize the role of each hand.

CDH with SwingPilot is the most efficient way to gain the feel and control that you need so as to discover the golf swing that you work with best—your Perfectly Fitted Golf Swing.

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*Note: For the training purpose, the SwingPilot utilizes Open Dominant Hand method to discovering the maximum feel and control.  And, it is not suggesting to swing a golf club with opened hand.