As we are built differently, thinks differently, and swing a golf club differently. Therefore, each of us, as golfers has our own set of problems, so we need a training aid that is versatile to works for all.

Following are some of the advantages practicing with the golf swing training aid known as the SwingPilot

  • Simple to Use
  • Convenient and Practical
  • Right or Left Hand Compatible
  • Make Practice More Productive
  • Train with Your Own Equipment
  • Learn Correct Grip Pressure
  • Gain Feel and Control
  • Reshape Bad Habits
  • Get Reference Points
  • Eliminate Swing Faults
  • Acquire Natural Swing Motion
  • Optimize your golf swing motion
  • Learn to use your body properly
  • Gain Ball striking capability
  • Gain consistency
  • Gain confidence
  • Gain club head speed

Compare with other training aids

The SwingPilot will not restrict your movement or guide you to one patterned ideal golf swing like most training devices on the market today.  Instead, it is a tool that allows any individuals to use to build the golf swing that fits best for you.

SwingPilot highlights the focus points that are fundamentally correct and let you swing freely to FEEL, BE AWARE OF, and DISCOVER and help you to utilize your natural mechanics of motion into your golf swing. 

The SwingPilot will not analyze your golf swing as of the Hi-Tech devices on the market.  Instead, it will help you to build the ability to feel and defines the swing motion that will fit your physical characteristics, – Your Perfect Golf Swing.