Golf Swing Basic, The Feel To Control

Golf Swing Feel, Swing Basic

"The Golf Swing Feel" is the most important and crucial elements for improving and control your golf swing – Golf Swing Basic, the Key to Improve.

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For many, finding that golf swing feel is one of the most challenging and exciting parts of the game.  Stumbled upon at first, many spend years after years chasing it as they gradually improve their performance and lessen their handicap.  The opposite of this feeling is an increased inability to control your body and the golf club during the swing.

Fact: Without having a right Golf Swing Feel, you'll have endless problems controlling your body and your clubs.

The Key to Improve, Golf Swing Feel

In golf, Feel is the hardest thing to teach or learn. Feel is highly personal, and it's nearly impossible to pass on to others using only words or numbers without misinterpretation or misunderstanding. So the only way for you to learn the Golf Swing Feel is by developing it in your own way from your own experience.

Needless to say, it was not an easy task until the introduction of the SwingPilot.

Hand Action Feel

Obtain the "Feel" with SwingPilot for Maximum Control

Practice with the SwingPilot, dominant hand open (CDH Method), you will have following advantages.

  • Your uncertainty in golf swing will be reduced.  You'll know exact role and task of each hand.
  • It helps you to learn to detect and recognize the optimum body motion through each phase of your golf swing.
  • You will become more sensitive to the swing motion and Feel the change as you get the motion closer to right.
  • It becomes much easier to translate your developing Feel into the actual golf swing.

So there's a feedback loop

The more you develop Feel and gain certainty, the more your swing will improve; and closer you get to your Perfect Swing, the more sure and sophisticated your Feel will become.

 ( See CDH method, Natural swing Motion )