The SwingPilot; Self Learning Golf Swing Training Aid 

Golf Swing

Golf can be incredibly rewarding sports. Improving your ability and decreasing your handicap over the years, you can gradually become better and better with the more time you put in. In addition, there are specific ways that you can improve your overall performance, increasing the rate at which you improve.

The only challenge is finding the right method of learning. Unlike most other aspects of golf, finding the right feel and improving this aspect of your swing cannot be directly taught through typical instruction. Instead, you have to stumble upon it yourself, going through the swing motion enough times to be able to hit it again and again.

For many, it has been a dubious long journey. Until the self golf swing learning device named the SwingPilot has developed.

About SwingPilot

The SwingPilot is designed based on the unique concept of “how to learn” instead of “how to teach.” We put ourselves in the learner's position and figured out the most vital elements needed for learning a golf swing, 'Feel' and 'Control', from every possible angle. That's how we developed the SwingPilot with CDH (Controlled Dominant Hand) method.

Through the use of this golf swing training aid, you gain the knowledge of what the correct swing feels like, gradually working these skills into your swing.

Eventually and with some practice, you will stumble across that authentic golf swing feel that fits you superbly. While there might be other methods to get that natural golf swing motion, few provide such direct benefits as the self-learning golf swing tool, the SwingPilot.