The Golf Grip Pressure and Pressure Points

Golf Grip Pressure and Grip Pressure Points

Correct golf grip pressure and grip pressure points are essential for proper Feel and Maximum control of a golf club. When your grip is too tight, it stiffens muscles from hand to shoulder, which also affects every part of your body and tightens your movement, taking away fluidity. When your grip is too loose, though, you lose control.

Golf Grip Pressure Image

Grip pressure is part of Feel and individual preference. You will need to experiment and balance out tightness and looseness for optimum Feel and control, and discover the pressure that works best for you.

The SwingPilot method and drills are simple step to gain  right grip pressure.

  1. Move the disc of the SwingPilot upward to ease the tightness a bit.
  2. Place your open dominant hand and try out a swing for the Feel.
  3. Close your dominant hand, grip normally, and swing.
  4. Go back and forth between open and closed hand with various grip pressures to match the Feel of your normal grip with the Feel with open hand when the swing is right.

** The correct golf grip pressure will be the one that lets you swing a club freely with closed grip while maintaining control, with the same Feel as the Feel with open hand.

Grip Pressure Points

In addition to helping you to define the best working grip pressure, the SwingPilot helps you focus on a couple of key golf grip pressure points so as to make your golf grip exceptional.

Golf Grip Pressure Points Squeeze

Squeeze Point:

Squeeze the post of the SwingPilot with thumb and index finger.

  • Helps to activate the correct group of muscles for the swing.
  • Prevents other muscles from contracting in a way that causes your dominant hand to become active.
Grip Pressure Point Index finger

Index Finger

For the actual grip, make a hook with your index finger and lightly grip the club.

  • This is not a squeeze on pressure points. It's about the sensation of touching the club.
  • The goal is better Feel and control.
Pressure Points Sub-Dominant

Sub-dominant Hand

Applying more pressure with your little finger will create better balanced pressure with the other fingers.

  • Prevents the club from wiggling in the hand
  • Provides better wrist action for control

Better Grip Key points:

  • Maintain the Feel of the connection between your subdominant hand and the club.
  • Maintain the same pressure throughout the golf swing, no less or more during the swing motion.