The Golf Release, Swing Speed and Distance

Swing Release; Increase Swing Speed and More Distance

In the golf swing, the release is where you get swing speed boosted, and speed is what gets you the distance — golf swing release.

Golf Release Swing Speed image

Golf Swing Release; Swing Speed and Consistency

Too many golfers misunderstand the idea of getting swing speed and try to muscle through the impact with the dominant hand, instead of releasing it.  At any time in the swing, when the dominant hand is activated to apply force rather than to guide, it stiffens and tightens the related muscles and joints. In the effect, it causes swing speed to be actually slower for the increased effort. That’s not how you gain head speed and consistency in a golf swing.

The real acceleration of a club-head comes from properly utilizing the centrifugal force created by the club-head's weight.  You let the club-head do the job, and your job is to control the angle and direction of the club.

For maximum effect, the Golf Swing Release hinges on following: 

  • Swing your club utilizing the large muscle groups of the back and shoulder (connected swing).
  • Keep your wrists relaxed.
  • Keep your dominant-side elbow relaxed.
  • Let the club-head gain speed by building momentum from its own weight.

Simple SwingPilot method will help you get speed and distance

  • Keep the dominant side of the upper body, hand, wrist, arm, and shoulder relaxed.
  • Makes timing and angle of the club-head easier to determine.
  • Automate arms to extend through impact zone to the direction of the swing path.
  • Generates the feel of full extension of arms without using the dominant hand excessively.
  • Help the weight of the club fully extends your arms to the picture-perfect finish.

Those are some of the things you'll enjoy training with the SwingPilot.

Now, it is your job to grip a club and duplicate the sensational "Feel" of the golf swing release.