“One of the things I really love about using the SwingPilot is that it helps my students feel and develop a solid body motion and sequence towards the target. Usually after just a few swings with the SwingPilot, I notice a very dramatic improvement in the way the student’s body motion works toward the target, Now they have the feel of what a really good golf swing is all about”.

Dan Martin, PGA of America, Director of Instruction at Rustic Canyon Golf Course, Moorpark, CA

“I use the SwingPilot to help my students feel the right palm facing the target as they come through impact. I think that’s a really basic fundamental.”

Chad Wright, Golf Instructor, River Ridge Golf Course, Oxnard, CA

“I’ve had many swing aids since I’ve been playing the game of golf, but the one I use the most is the SwingPilot. The SwingPilot allows me to feel 100% exactly where that club-face is at impact, which is the most important thing. I recommend using the SwingPilot to get the feeling of greatness, to feel the club-face come back square every time, and eliminate those big draws and big fades.

Mattew Lane, PGA of New Zealand, Winner of the 1998 New Zealand Open

“Guys, I hope this is not too true to be good. Working out in my backyard into the Calloway net. For the first time in my life, I am having the feel of greatness. I plan to use the pilot all season and on the course. I just hope that it continues to ingrain all of these great new swing feelings. I will continue to report on my progress.”

Charles Goldstein, Great Neck, NY

“Thank you. I received my SwingPilot Wednesday. Practiced swinging with it and played today, Saturday. Shot a 78. Wish I hadn’t three putted twice. The SwingPilot is just what I needed. I knew that my right hand was causing a number of problems in my swing, which I was unable to correct until I got the SwingPilot. The SwingPilot has helped my game more than anything I have tried previously. Fairways and greens.”

John McMillan, Baton Rough, LA

“As soon as I took the club back on the range with the SwingPilot I knew my swing plan was correct, I was on balance I could swing harder but was in balance. Finally someone got it right. We do all have different planes.”

Ron Price, Live Oak, TX

"I’ve never hit so much sweet spot on my iron before and I can feel so much better on the backswing and swing plane.”

Edmund Yao, Singapore