Instruction: How to Use a SwingPilot

By following a few simple rules, you can achieve a fundamentally sound, consistent and ideal golf swing that fits naturally to your

physical capabilities.

The following applies to right handed players, as opposed to left handed.

Attaching the Swing Pilot on your choice of golf club, and with your hands in the correct position as referred to in the Attaching, Aligning, and Adjustment sections, your right hand (or left hand) is now able to open and close without moving out of position.

At addressing position, set club square to the target and open your right hand (or left hand) with your fingers extended.

Image 10

RULE 1: Keep posture and head steady.

Image 11

RULE 2: Keep the Line of DPF (Direction of Pointed Finger) perpendicular to the center of your body, so it intersects the center of your body throughout the swing.

*The Line of DPF is at the same angle of direction away from the body as the leading edge of the club head. This means if the Line of DPF is square to the target, the club head is also square to the target.

Image 12

RULE 3: The palm angle of ODH (Opened Dominant Hand) should be square at address and at impact.

Turn to **the angle of swing path during the back swing and forward swing.

*Note: For the swing training purpose, the SwingPilot utilizes Open Dominant Hand, CDH method to discovering and awareness for the maximum feel and control.  And, it is not suggesting to swing a golf club with opened hand.