Instruction: How to Setup

How to Assemble Your SwingPilot

How to setup

Hold the Disc with lettered side UP

Image 2

Push the Disc onto the post of SwingPilot.

Image 3

Place your Thumb on top of the post with your Index and Middle Fingers under each side of the Disc.

Then Squeeze your thumb and fingers until the Disc snaps onto the Retainer.

Image 4a

1) Open the latch Gate.

2) Push the SwingPilot down onto the Shaft.

Image 4b

Slide the SwingPilot upward on the Grip of club.

Image 5

Positioning the SwingPilot where the post of the SwingPilot meets **as close as possible to the base of the Thumb and Index finger of your forward hand.

**Find a pocket of area most comfortable for you.

Aligning the SwingPilot to the club

image 6

Aligning the post of the SwingPilot (line 1) so it is parallel with the leading edge of the club-head (line 2).

** View from the top

Adjust a Retainer for most comfortable working pressure.  

When the DF (Directional Favored) system, unlock to move it upward and push to move it downward.

Image 8

Unlock the retainer by squeezing and holding it, then move it upward.

Image 9

Push the retainer down to move it downward.