The Relationship, Golf Club Control and Hand 

Hand Position and Golf Club Control

With the SwingPilot, the relationship between the angle of the club-head  and the open dominant hand position will always be the same.  It only means that hand and golf club control is related.

Club& Hand Position Relation image

Golf Club Alignment with The SwingPilot

When the SwingPilot is set in the neutral position with a golf club, the leading edge of the club-head will always be at the same angle as the palm of your open dominant hand. —that is, as the same direction the open hand's index finger is pointing in. In other words, by feeling the open dominant hand or seeing the angle of your pointed index finger, you will know the exact angle of the leading edge of a club-head at any point during your swing.

Hand and Golf Club Control

Control the Golf Club

When you know and feel the angle of the club-head's leading edge using your open dominant hand and index finger, your focus of control is the club-head—so in effect, the club-head is controlling your hand. This makes it much easier to move the club-head to and through the impact correctly.

Nonetheless, you aren't going to practice your swing with the club and hand position always at the neutral. Every time your practice calls for a club-head to be open or closed, set a club-head to the desired angle then reset the SwingPilot back to neutral position, and you are ready to go.


Opened Club-Face

  • Open Club-face to desire angle.
  • Adjust the post of the SwingPilot squared to the shoulder line.
  • Swing with your normal swing path.

Closed Club-Face

  • Close Club-face to desire angle.
  • Adjust a post of the SwingPilot squared to the shoulder line.
  • Swing with your normal swing path.

Whenever the angle of the club-head needed to adjust for a shot you are ready to make, readjust the SwingPilot accordingly. That way, you can repeat your swing with the club-head at an exact angle relationship with your dominant hand.  It is very helpful feature for fine-tuning your golf shot.

Feel Golf Swing with the SwingPilot

Practice the swing with your open hand to get the Feel, then close it to duplicate the swing with the same Feel. By sensing the exact angle of the club-head through your hand all the way through your swing, your focus will be on your hand and not on the club. This will simplify your mental process and build your trust in controlling your swing —and best of all, it will help boost your confidence.