Perfect Practice, Perfect Warm-up

Practice Golf Swing

Practice golf is about training yourself into the right habits. If you don't practice correctly, you will be reinforcing bad habits, – Perfect Practice.

Only perfect practice makes it perfect.

Is your practice up to par?

When you are out on the course, every situation will be different, so you can't practice for all possibilities beforehand. That's why the goal of your practice is always to build a solid foundation for your swing that can cope with any circumstances, on any course, during every round.

How SwingPilot Helps you practice golf

  • Trains the hands, which hold the club, rather than focus only on hitting the ball
  • Trains the dominant hand for the right habits in the golf swing
  • Uses the learn-by-doing approach, which is always positive
  • Does not create dependency on drills or special equipment; you use your own equipment to learn to swing better
  • Builds confidence

Practice golf with the SwingPilot is all about the Feel

  1. Practice the swing with your hand open to get the feel.
  2. Close your hand for normal grip and execute a shot by duplicating the Feel.
  3. Repeat: open your hand to get the Feel, and then close it to hit.

The SwingPilot is simple to switch back and forth, which makes it easy to duplicate the Feel while it is clear and fresh in your muscle memory.

Reference points, The SwingPilot Advantages

The golf swing has a short memory: one moment you hit the ball like a pro, and the next moment you lose it all. When you lose the Feel, you’re left with only one choice: Back to Square One.

Even for tour professionals, each new day is literally an entirely new ball game. And for weekend warriors, every weekend is too often spent learning all over again from the starting point.

How can you ensure that your golf swing keeps on improving steadily without the improvement being stalled or even undone every time you hold a club again after an interval of a day, a week, or a month?

Unlike ordinary training, the SwingPilot with Open Hand CDH Method helps you to develop the reference points that you can Feel and visually confirm with the open hand at any point in the swing.

SwingPilot Advantages

  • Helps you pick up your practice where you left off the last time
  • Helps you recover from a lost swing quickly and surely
  • Shortens getting-ready time
  • Makes warming up a positive learning experience
  • Gives you better Feel and more confidence
  • Helps you repeat a practice to work on the same problem

SwingPilot puts the power in your hands.