The SwingPilot

The SwingPilot with the unique Controlled Dominant Hand Method is a revolutionary new way to perfecting a golf swing. It is simple, direct, and efficient.

At address, the golf ball stands still and the shaft of the golf club does not grow or shrink. Therefore, every outcome of hitting a ball depends on the position of your hands at the moment of impact. The only connection you have with a golf club: the grip.

Golf Swing InstructionFigure 1 A golfer at the address position with arms and shoulders forming a triangle (1-a) in yellow, and a smaller triangle (1-b) in red, which is the exact proportion to (1-a).

Figure 2 A golfer (Figure 1) positioned at the moment of impact.

When the triangles (1-b) are at the exact angle and position as (Figure 1) to (Figure 2), the desired result will be achieved. Therefore, no matter how you swing a golf club, your grip has to be in the correct position and angle at the instant of impact.

Why it is so difficult to hit the ball consistently with good results? The most commonly known problem are caused by the active dominant hand (right hand for right-handers and left for left-handers). And it is the biggest hurdle and challenge every golfer of every level must face.

How & Why the SwingPilot Works